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    Malek Bennabi fut un tel génie qui n’appartient qu’à l’humanité toute entière

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    For starters, I would like to thank those who are taking in charge this praiseworthy work that I would highly appreciate and encourage. Mr Bennabi’s books are so extremely valuable that they deserve a timeless worthy recognition; since they constitute the golden window one can observe the ideas’ citadel that Bannabi founded and built its pillars.

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      Enlish version of bennabi’s books
      Hello everybody.

      First of all i would like and I have to do thank people who are working hard to teach Malik bennabi’s ideas…so mny thanks for designers and supporters of this website.

      I would like to ask people who visit this website if anyone has some any of Bennabi’s books in english I realy need it…especialy the question of culture.

      Many thanks for all.


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    Recognition or to pay tribute to our Philosopher
    The light will never and ever desapear from the horizont,the ideas of the Benbnabi still alive and so valuable and highly recommended in order to build new muslim country.To finish my short intervention,would like to cite here the Influence of Former prime minister of Malaysia DR

    Mahatir Mohamed.here is my email if some one has bennabi’s book in English or French.


    Many thanks in advance