One on One with John Galtung

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Johan Galtung, considered the father of peace studies, discusses why he dedicated his life to waging peace in the world.

Johan Galtung
The ‘father of peace studies’ discusses why he dedicated his life to waging peace.

As a twelve-year old he witnessed the Nazis take his father away to a concentration camp for more than one year.

Johan Galtung was born in Oslo in 1930 and witnessed the occupation of his country by the Nazis as a young boy.

It was his experiences of the war and the influence of his readings of Mahatma Gandhi that led him to devote his life to peace.

He refused to be conscripted to Norwegian military service and was jailed as a conscientious objector at the age of 21.

He says that with books, a typewriter and a chance to study, he enjoyed his time in prison.

Looking to research peace efforts he found very little was written on the subject with most books focusing on war and conflict. This led him onto a path to dedicate his life to promoting peace.

He played a key role in setting-up the International Peace Research Institute and has been called in as a mediator in conflicts around the world.

Johan Galtung, widely recognised as one of the leading figures in international peace, discusses why he dedicated his life to waging peace in the world.

This episode of One on One can be seen from Saturday, March 27, 2010 at the following times GMT: Saturday: 0030, 1630; Sunday: 0430, 2330; Monday: 0300, 1230.


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