15 Cases: Constructive vs Destructive U.S. Foreign Policies

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The right column is sadly familiar; add more recent cases.

The left column also carries an element of sadness but nothing really radical; more like common sense that could easily be translated into political practice.

And yet it does not happen, to the detriment of the parties concerned: the USA and its relations to the world. USA wants to be feared but reaps hatred with right column politics. Does it want to be loved?

A theory is something tested along its edges (Quine); what you deduce from the theory–and to me the key “edge”–is its action-consequences.




Encourage local saving banksPublish M2  Check Fed Reserve

Tax speculation  Drop bonuses

Outlaw basic needs speculation

Democratic control of central banks, state or private

Mixed world currency

More F than Real growthMore money than value

Serving loans not people

Countries in debt bondage

Globalization through privatized central banks

US$ world reserve currency

TERRORISM Identify their just goalsPublish Atta  Who did 9/11? Extra-judicial executionSOCO-Drones  Covert war
US-ISRAEL vs ARAB-MUSLIMSTATES Palestine recognized; andA two states solution; and

A Middle East Community MEC Israel and 5 Arab neighbors

1967 borders with revisions; and

Org for Sec Coop West Asia

Tail wagging dog:Israel wagging USA;

AIPAC wagging Congress

Judeo-Christianity is anti-Islam.

Danger: Extreme US anti-semitism

LIBYA Self-determination for parts, Federalism with democracy Continued anarchyUnitary state illusion
SYRIA Self-determination for parts,Federalism with democracy Attack; SCO response?split Syria, rule parts
IRAQ Self-determination for parts,(Con)federalism with democracy

Kurdish autonomous communities

Withdrawal only:no rebuilding,

no compensation

IRAN Conciliation for 1953,Middle East nuclear free zone

Cooperation on non-fossil energy

Attack, SCO response?No Iran nuclear arms

Controlling Iran oil?

PAKISTAN Pashtun autonomy, drop Durand  Self-determination in KashmirIndian-Pakistani-Kashmiri parts Building a Durand fenceExtrajudicial execution

SOCO-Drones  Covert war

AFGHANISTAN A Central Asian CommunityFederation  Local autonomies

OIC-UNSC joint peacekeeping

Nonaligned, no bases

Withdrawal only;no rebuilding,

no compensation

keeping troops, bases

KOREA Peace Treaty with N KoreaNormalization USA-N Korea

Korea as nuclear free zone

Marginalizing N KoreaUS-SK military exercises

Breaking agreements

CHINA Open high level dialogue,Mutual learning in economics

Civil and economic rights

Encircling, sub-sat-navy“Reform”=neoliberalism

civil rights only

JAPAN Japan in NE Asian CommunityGood relations to USA, APEC+

USA pulls out of Okinawa

Impeding conciliationKeeping Japan as client

Subverting A9

AFRICA Welcome African UnityBuild with China E-W highway AFRICOMMilitary intervention
LATIN AMERICA Welcome CELAC integrationEquity Latin/Anglo-America

Normalization USA-Cuba

Military interventionSupporting coups

CIA micro-management

WORLD All human rights conventions,across state borders

National self-determination

Dialogue of civilizations

Stronger UN, with parliament

Civil-political only,within state borders

Unitary state models

Western universalism

US exceptionalism

Johan Galtung
12 February 2018


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