An Inquiry into the Algerian Massacres


The collection of papers in this book divides into six self-contained parts. Part I reviews the human rights situation in Algeria and assembles a large amount of data about the massacres and the victims. The data analysis is carried out from both a statistical perspective and a testimonial approach. Part II is devoted to a survey and a critical analysis of the questions pertaining to the nature of the intents and identity of the perpetrators involved in the massacres. Part III focuses on how the government, political parties, and society at large respond to the massacres and why. Part IV addresses the response of the international community as represented by states and international organisations towards the massacres. Part V looks at the massacres in Algeria from a historical angle. Part VI is concerned with the criminal status of the massacres in Algeria’s internal law, their categorisation in international criminal law, and the issues of investigation, prosecution and punishment of those responsible for the massacres. This book is broad in its scope as it brings together approaches, analyses and information from a variety of fields. Academics and human rights activists, in North Africa, Europe and the US, contributed insights into the massacres from many different perspectives.

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Youcef Bedjaoui, Abbas Aroua, Meziane Ait Larbi





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